perfect day wins the
Coffeeshop Award 2011

Since 2006, the ‘Coffee Business’ trade journal has presented the award for concepts that distinguish themselves with an outstanding business performance on the coffee shop market.

Perfect day wins the Coffeshop Award
On 28.11.2011, Dominique Dauster, Managing Director and, together with Hans Reitz, shareholder of the Wiesbaden-based operating company perfect day Kaffeekultur und frischer Genuss GmbH & Co. KG, was presented the trophy at the official award ceremony in Osnabruck. In their speech, the jury praised the way perfect day combines a service-oriented market presence with professionally organized business structures and a strong focus on sustainability. perfect day currently operates three cafés, one in Wiesbaden (the flagship store) und two outlets at Frankfurt Airport, operated under a licensing agreement with SSP Deutschland.
The jury’s decision to give the Coffeeshop Award to perfect day was not only based on the gastronomic expertise, high-quality service and business performance of the German outlets, explained Karsten Runge Publishing Director of Coffee-Business. perfect day also pursues a convincing sustainability policy a lot more consistently than other companies. This is shown, on the one hand, by the company’s close links to the local community.  In addition, since its foundation in 2004, the company has sourced its coffee from its own coffee farms in mountain rainforests in South India. The “Kerala Shakti” coffee is cultivated according to sustainable coffee-growing methods thanks to the pioneering work of coffee farmer Reinhold Treitinger in Kerala. In addition, a partnership with the “Sholai School”, a centre for learning, organic agriculture and appropriate technology in the south of the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu, has the long-term objective of developing an infrastructure in order to broaden students’ knowledge of organic agriculture.

About the Coffeeshop Award
The Coffeeshop Award has been presented by the trade journal ‘Coffee Business’ since 2006. It is awarded to concepts that distinguish themselves with an outstanding business performance on the coffee shop market. The award-winners to date include Campus Suite, Coffee Fellows, Barrossi and Henry's Coffee World.
About Coffeebusiness Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
Coffee Business Verlagsgesellschaft mbH has been publishing the trade journal ‘Coffee Business’ since 2001. It is targeted at the B2B area, coffee shop market and other companies that trade and serve coffee professionally. Parallel to this, it has also published the trade journal ‘aroma’ for coffee-roasting establishments since 2006 and publishes the ‘Coffeeshop Yearbook’ every two years.

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