Perfetto! Eight steps to the
perfect day coffee.

01 :: The beans you can count on
A coffee is only as good as the beans it’s made from. Whether it’s a fine blend or a single variety – we insist on the very highest quality. The best ones are from highland areas, with handpicked, whole beans of the same size.

02 :: The dark secret of the perfect day roast
It takes time but it that’s why it tastes so good: Our coffee beans are roasted for a long time, evenly and dark, so that undesirable acids and bitterness are removed. This makes the beans around 20% lighter in weight and easier to digest.

03 :: The perfect dose
A good flavour that’s made to measure: for our coffee to taste consistently good it all depends on the perfect dose.
That’s why we use exactly seven grams of ground coffee for a single espresso.

04 :: Precisely our kind of grind
All our coffee specialities require a specific grind level to develop their aroma. Which means not too fine or too coarse but just right. It’s why we use accurate espresso grinders, whose grinding disks are precisely adjusted to each other. That’s grounds to celebrate.

05 :: Emotional pressure
Only when the espresso grounds are tamped properly can hot water run through them evenly. Our baristas are the real experts when it comes to putting a swift smooth surface on the grounds in the filter basket. And the perfect coffee in your cup.

06 :: The right temperature
Boiled coffee? No way! To prevent our espresso from tasting burnt, the water temperature should certainly never be 100°C. We insist on a well-tempered 92°C and always fresh water from our own water source for the ideal flavour.

07 :: Full steam ahead
Yes indeed! At perfect coffee we work under great pressure: our machines produce between 7 and 9 bar of brewing pressure and squeeze the hot water through the espresso grounds. Full steam ahead for top quality coffee!

08 :: Exact extraction
Perfect timing is what it’s all about: with our coffee the water only passes through the filter basket for no more than 25 seconds in order to bring out those aromas and oils and keep any bitterness out. It doesn’t drip, it doesn’t flood but runs as a slow but steady stream with various nuances of brown into the cup. And there you have it – with its even, thick crema your perfect day espresso is ready. Perfect.

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