perfect@home! Five tips for
coffee gourmets at home

Coffee bar: the kitchen
This is what the home barista needs: his or her own bar – even if it’s only a little corner of the kitchen. Because this is where you’ll find all the things you need to make coffee with – from a small espresso maker or expensive Italian professional automatic machine to the drawer with the integrated knock bar for used coffee grounds in the filter basket. Anything goes as long as it tastes good. That’s why cleanliness is a must with your bar and machine.

Grounds for creativity - from classic to expressionist
Coffee or espresso – it all depends on the right grind…
This is based on the way it is prepared and type of machine used. The general rule is medium ground for coffee and fine for espresso. It’s best to use your own coffee grinder, which means your beans can be freshly ground.

More tastes better!
It’s a mistaken belief that too much coffee makes it taste bitter. On the contrary, if there’s not enough coffee in the filter basket, it absorbs more moisture and releases more bitter substances. And that is even worse than the dishwater that coffee machines produce, if you skimp on the coffee.
More tastes better!

But hold the cream
A cappuccino with whipped cream, or even out of a can? That’s a real no-no for DIY baristas. Only crema is what creates the coffee of your dreams. Only use a dollop of cream if the recipe requires it, for example with Irish Coffee.

The good coffee recipe concept
If you want to make fantastic coffee you simply have to use a recipe. And never stop practising. Your reward will then be textbook coffee specialities from Galao, Caffè Freddo, Moccha and Americano to the ever-popular Caffè Latte. Delicious café culture at home. And what a delightful way to learn!

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